Poseidon Property Development

Poseidon Property’s core activity is property development and investment. With numerous varied projects underway and a large pipeline, it is the leading property development company with interests in the United Kingdom and SE Europe.

Poseidon’s development projects include among others: exceptional five-star resort developments, the biggest regeneration project in Croatia, the Capitol Park retail park brand in SE Europe, the largest residential development project in Bosnia and numerous key London residential projects, alongside multiple convenience retail centres and several strategic land locations in the UK for mixed-use development.

  • Poseidon defines and delivers strategic business plans
  • Leads the planning and design process
  • Works closely with competent authorities to assure compliance and attain all necessary approvals
  • Manages and designs sales and marketing strategies to achieve business goals
  • Undertakes project management, investor presentations, programming and cost control
  • Transitions completed assets to Poseidon’s dedicated property and asset management teams

Poseidon Property Investment

Poseidon Property actively seeks cross-sector real estate investment opportunities in all of its five territories. These assets are usually income producing in which enhancements can be made to improve the return and reposition the asset in its respective market. Poseidon Property invests in all its developments in a stand-alone or co-investor capacity.

  • Poseidon identifies and secures off and on-market opportunities
  • Secures optimal capital structures (equity, mezzanine, preferred and senior debt)
  • Conducts feasibility studies and potential equity return analyses
  • Undertakes deal execution and transaction management
  • Implements asset management and disposal strategies

Poseidon Property Management

Construction Management Services

Poseidon Property’s construction management team provides the end-to-end services required to initiate and complete a development. From master planning to cost feasibility, a competitive construction tender and the direct management of the construction programme, the team delivers projects on-time and on-budget to exceed quality standards.

Project Management Services

Poseidon Property’s project management team are on call to assist clients with all aspects of the development process. From the fit out of office and retail space, and the design and execution of a competitive tender, to the sourcing and purchasing of land, Poseidon expertise ensures the job gets done.

Facilities Management Services

Poseidon Property’s facilities management team provides through-the-life management of clients’ built assets. Through active and determined management, the team will coordinate the provision of all services, collect rents, ensure adherence to lease covenants, organise routine maintenance and provide emergency repairs. With careful management of the leasing profile, the team will optimise an asset’s income and improve value with every decision made.

Poseidon Property Asset Management

Poseidon Property is a vertically-integrated, full-service asset management company which services portfolios of secured non-performing loans (“NPLs”) and real estate-owned assets (“REOs”) in SE Europe. It creates and maximises value from bad debt until the sale of REO assets. This starts with intensive debt recovery at minimum cost, and through developing and executing an operating plan to maximise the value of REO and/or single distressed real estate assets for our clients.

Services include deal origination, due diligence and asset valuation, risk analytics and portfolio pricing, asset management across the life cycle of each underlying asset, and portfolio management including investor reports. For the workout of claims, Poseidon offers high service standards established at an international level, local know-how and a unique network.

Core asset management services include:

  • Strategic long-term analysis to enhance capital values and improve operating cash flow
  • Commitment to provide exceptional service to co-investment partners and tenants
  • Services include property management, coordination and monitoring of cost and quality, benchmarking, controlling and repositioning sales/leasing activity, and devising and implementing marketing strategies tailored to each asset
Poseidon scales investment to meet the requirements of various transaction values, types and asset classes for our clients.  It considers a wide range of asset classes such as distressed and non-performing loans, and repossessed property. This may include finished or unfinished projects, mortgages, corporate loans backed with real estate, commercial centres, and retail and logistics parks.
Portfolio servicing, including all relevant strategic decisions for optimal credit recovery, borrower negotiation strategies, settlements and agreements, credit restructuring, oversight and management of judicial process and of all sub-servicers.  Poseidon is responsible for the oversight and management of all aspects and administration secured NPLs and REO portfolios.  The range of activities delivered include:  portfolio oversight including management and administration, control of cash, data and critical portfolio reports, and financial reporting.
Services include the evaluation of distressed assets, and finished and unfinished developments, to identify and implement value enhancement strategies for such projects.  This may entail re positioning of the development, project development and construction management to complete the project, as well as marketing of the assets.  Assessing the current and future viability of unfinished developments is often conducted on a case-by-case basis, with full economic insight, on reasonable assumptions including but not limited to projected cash flows.

Poseidon Group is made up of a collection of companies incorporated and administered according to the rules of the BVI

Poseidon Group, Hurlingham Studios, Ranelagh Gardens, London SW6 3PA, United Kingdom

T: +44 (0) 20 7349 9966 | F: +44 (0) 20 7823 3569