In slightly over two weeks, since the beginning of the year, 3,065,630 electronic invoices have been exchanged, of which 2,537,773 between business entities, and 527,857 between users of public funds and business entities, which shows with what degree of readiness the economy welcomed the system of electronic invoicing, said the state secretary at the Ministry of Finance, Slavica Savicic.

She added that it was a result of a good dialogue with the economy, that is, the continuous communication in the past period.

– Since May 1, 2022, a total of 10,312,749 electronic invoices has been exchanged. From the beginning of this process, there was good communication with the economy and numerous suggestions were adopted, which has resulted in a range of upgraded systems and functionalities, as well as the improvement of the operations of the electronic invoice system itself – explained Savicic, according the ministry’s press release.

The use of the e-invoice system is free and its implementation is expected to accelerate business processes and upgrade business operations through additional legal security.

On January 1, the obligation of sending, receiving and keeping of electronic invoices came into effect for the subjects of the private sector which have the obligation to pay the VAT, in line with the Law on Electronic Invoicing, through the System of Electronic Invoicing.