Serbian Finance Minister Sinisa Mali met with Cyril Muller, the Vice President for the World Bank’s Europe and Central Asia region, in Belgrade today (May 7), on which occasion three loan agreements on projects worth a total of USD 142 million were signed.

Minister Mali signed agreements with Stephen Ndegwa, the World Bank Country Manager for Serbia, on the projects of upgrading the electronic government, modernizing the tax administration and improving commerce and transport in the Western Balkans by a applying multi-phase program approach.

– For a number of years, Serbia has been cooperating successfully with the World Bank. I am glad that the topics have changed in these few years. As Muller said, five years ago, the questions of financial consolidation and debts were current, and now we are discussing how Serbian economy should continue to grow at even higher rates and how to make our economy more attractive and competitive – Mali stated.

At the Ministry of Finance, Mali pointed out that three important agreements on favorable loans worth a total of USD 142 million had been signed.