The first installment of the postponed taxes and contributions for legal entities, entrepreneurs and agriculturists is due today.

The postponed payment was enabled by a decree that the Government of Serbia adopted as part of the efforts to help the economy in the crisis caused by the pandemic. According to it, the payment of outstanding liabilities could be distributed across a maximum of 24 equal monthly rates.

The postponement and other last year’s measures adopted by the government, such as the payment of whole or partial minimum wages, has meant a lot to the economy of Serbia, allowing it a month of breathing room, Nebojsa Atanackovic, the honorary president of the Serbian Association of Employers, told Tanjug.

This breathing room is very important in a situation when many industries are nowhere near being back to their former capacities.

– The postponement itself, as well as the splitting of the payment into 24 installments meant a lot to the business sector. At the time, no one knew that the pandemic would continue into 2021 and everyone believed that it would end as soon as mid-2020 – Atanackovic says.

He adds that it is never simple for companies when their past debts meet the current ones, especially when they’re not working at full capacity.

For that reason, this February and the initial payments will not be simple for them, but they did count on it and they have prepared to start settling their debts.