A new system for monitoring and controlling infrastructural projects, launched by the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, was presented on April 13 to Serbian Deputy Prime Minister and Construction Minister Zorana Mihajlovic.

She and her associates visited the so-called “situation room”, which combines video-surveillance of the critical points on Corridor 10, works on the state road network and the situation with air and water traffic and which is used by the ministry’s engineers every day.

– The works on Corridor 10 are monitored with over 20 cameras distributed on the critical points on the southern and the eastern branches, as well as sections on Corridor 11, the highway to Montenegro, where the works are in their final phase – said engineer Nebojsa Pavlovic, the advisor to the deputy prime minister.

Mihajlovic said that, with the completion of the construction works at the Grdelica Gorge, the cameras would be moved to new projects, including those she had discussed with Chinese officials at the Dubrovnik Summit, in order to have the works supervised from the very beginning.

– The contractor’s camp on the Preljina-Pozega highway has already been prepared, and the works on another two new highways begin this summer, namely, the Morava Corridor and the Belgrade-Sarajevo highway, the section from Sremska Raca to Kuzmin. Parallel with this, the technical documentation for the New Belgrade-Surcin will be prepared, and the works should start in the spring of 2019 – Mihajlovic said, as announced by her cabinet.