Last year, medium and small business entities contributed the most to the growth of the overall profitability of the economy, because they increased their profits compared to the previous year by a third, with small ones recording the most pronounced growth of profitability at a rate of 34.2%, according to the data of the Business Registers Agency (APR).

According to the data of APR, which processed 106,111 companies, 87% micro, 10.9% small, 1.7% medium and 0.4% large companies operate in Serbia.

The growth of profitability in medium business entities was accompanied by a growth of the number of employees by 19,239, whereas small business entities realized a better result with a reduction of the number of employees by 5,144.

The biggest positive net result was generated by large systems, whose total profit increased 2.2% compared to the previous year, and these companies also recorded the largest growth of the number of employees, by 29,101.

The consequences of the crisis most affected micro enterprises, which remained in the sphere of negative results, although their loss dropped 16.4% year-on-year, whereas the number of employees increased by 396 compared to the previous year.