The Polish airline LOT is building a new hub in its Budapest base, which will include flights from Belgrade.

LOT Polish Airlines will introduce a direct line between Budapest and Seoul on September 22, 2019. Six new lines to European destinations, Belgrade among them, will be introduced on March 30, 2020.

Introducing numerous new flights from Budapest indicates how dedicated LOT is to the Hungarian market, where the company has had a base for some time now, from which it carries out regular traffic to New York, Chicago, Warsaw, Krakow and London. With the new lines, Budapest will become an important aviation hub for this company, allowing for transits from one line to another. This will increase the connectivity of Central and Eastern Europe with the long-line destinations of LOT.

The new lines to be implemented next spring are Sofia, Prague, Belgrade, Stuttgart, Bucharest and Brussels. The latter two were previously announced for September 2019, and Belgrade was planned as well. LOT even requested slots at the Belgrade airport, but soon cancelled them. The delay is down to the extension of the deadline for putting Boeing 737 MAX 8 into operation.

Flights from Budapest to Prague and Stuttgart will take place twice a day (except on weekends), whereas Sofia and Belgrade will be connected with Budapest by daily flights.

Accordingly, LOT will also introduce changes to its existing long-line flights from Budapest, which will be harmonized with European flights in order to optimize the connections. Flights to New York will be reduced to three per week (instead of 4), whereas flights to Chicago will become seasonal and take place only during the summer season.

The sale of tickets for the new flights to European cities, Belgrade included, will begin on August 7, 2019, whereas flights to Seoul can already be booked.