The National Assembly of Serbia has adopted amendments to the Law on the Stamps of State and Other Organs, which envisage the implementation of a qualified electronic stamp, which should increase the efficiency of the public administration.

So far, only the stamp in the form of an imprint has been known and will not be discontinued, because it is still used in local and international practice for certain types of procedures.

The amendments to the law regulate the purpose, the content, the look and the manner of use of a qualified electronic stamp.

The procedure of giving approval for the content and the look of the stamp is to be carried out through an electronic service at the eUprava (eGovernment) portal, and the deadline period of three days from the date of the submission of a proper request, within which the Ministry of Public Administration and Local Self-Government provides authorization, has not been changed.

More than 10,000 organs will now be able to also use an electronic qualified stamp.