The construction of the subway system will begin in Zeleznik, and the first two lines will cross at the Sava Square and Mirijevo, whereas the route toward New Belgrade will pass through the tunnel beneath the Sava, said Mayor of Belgrade Goran Vesic. As he said, this is the essence of the study prepared by the French company Egis.

– If everything goes as planned, we will begin building the subway system by the end of 2020. We might even begin the construction of both subway lines at the same time – Vesic said in Surcin, where he opened the Bojcin Cultural Summer event.

He added that, parallel with the subway system, an expansion of BG Voz will take place, which, as he added, is important for residents of Surcin as well, since the BG Voz line which now reaches Batajnica will turn toward Surcin near Zemun.

– The line will cover the center of Surcin and the national stadium, which will be built, as well as the Surcin airport, so there will be a direct connection with the city – Vesic said.