People in London value green space above shops, healthcare and entertainment facilities with the vast majority wanting to see trees and green space around new developments, according to new research.

Some 80% rated trees and dedicated planted areas as the most important element of a new build with 78% wanting parks and grassed areas and 71% open spaces between buildings.

More than 50% of respondents to the survey believed the impact of having green space will dramatically improve air quality and demand for greener living is growing. Over 82% of respondents would be more likely to buy a home in an area with incorporated green space, such as communal gardens, access to parks and outdoor seating, than one without.

The preference for a green view increases with age. Some 77% of Londoners aged 45 and over preferred a view of trees, a planted area, a park or a landscaped communal garden, 14% above the London average. While 82% of Londoners aged 55 plus valued green spaces, which is 12% above the London average, highlighting the different needs of this demographic.

The poll also found that 52% of respondents felt that there weren’t enough ponds, lakes and other water features such as fountains within new developments.