Building land publicly owned by the City of Belgrade was sold for RSD 615.5 million at the public biddings held at the Belgrade Land Development Public Agency, stated the deputy mayor of Belgrade, Goran Vesic.

According to him, the investors competed for the purchase of land in two locations in New Belgrade.

– The land of 6,235 square meters in Block 40 was sold to an investor at a price of RSD 367 million, whereas the other location, with 22,944 square meters, in Block 53, was sold at a price of RSD 248.5 million – said Vesic, as reported by Beoinfo.

He added that the location in Block 40 is located between Heroja sa Kosara Blvd, the railway and Tosin Bunar Street. According to the planning document, the location’s surfaces are designated for auxiliary commercial features and do not allow for residential construction.

– The location in Block 53, near the Nikola Tesla Airport and the Wholesale Market, consists of surfaces intended for business activities, where the construction of facilities in the function of the economic-production or commercial-business purpose is envisaged – said the deputy mayor.

In line with the law and the city’s decisions, he emphasized, in addition to the income from the sold land, the investors will be charged the contribution for the development of building land in the process of obtaining the building permit, which will provide additional income to the city budget.