Two months after the adoption of the new statute of the city, all city municipalities in Belgrade have harmonized with this most important act. In line with the announced innovations, the municipalities are preparing documents for the issuing of building permits for facilities up to a certain amount of square meters, through an electronic system. They are to start carrying out legalization activities from January 1.

Parliament members approved the new statute in July, after which the 17 municipalities prepared their documents where their competences are listed as well. Among other new features, city municipalities now issue building permits for facilities up to 1,500 m2. Suburban municipalities will be able to issue permits for construction projects of up to 5,000 m2.

– Under the decision on the statute, building permits and other building acts are issued by city municipalities since November 1. The issuing of permits through a unified procedure is carried out exclusively electronically and requests will be sent to the addresses of the municipalities – the Secretariat for the Head of the City Administration Affairs says.

In addition to the new requests, which the citizens will send to municipalities, they will also be in charge of carrying out the procedures initiated before the new statute came into effect and transferring them from city offices to municipal offices. A list of this documentation was established this summer at the Legalization Secretariat, and all the procedures should soon be sent to the addresses of the municipalities.

The unified procedure entails the issuing of building permits, the registration of works, getting the technical documentation authorized, the issuing of exploitation permits and getting the requirements for designing. Also, it entails connecting facilities to the infrastructure and getting authorization documents and other documents issued by the carriers of public authorizations.