The Secretariat for Property and Legal Affairs of the City of Belgrade has advertised the public bidding for leasing several business spaces.

All the business spaces, 140 of them, are leased as seen, and the contracts are to be signed for an indefinite period of time.

Among them, the highest initial price per square meter belongs to the business spaces at 53 Kneza Milosa Street (51 m2) and 82 Karadjordjeva Street (58 m2), which are offered for lease for RSD 1,935 per square meter. At 8 Nusiceva Street in Stari Grad, the outlet no. 7 with an area of 126 m2 is also offered at the same price, as are the outlet no. 3 at 19A Njegoseva Street (135 m2) and 132 Kralja Aleksandra Blvd in Vracar (43 m2).

The prices of the other office spaces range from RSD 290 to 1,161 per square meter, of various floor areas and purposes, from offices, through outlets, to warehouses. By floor area, the biggest one is the business space of 570 m2, located at 2 Sime Igumanova Street in Vracar. Its initial price is RSD 860 per square meter.

The spaces are located in several Belgrade municipalities, Palilula, Zvezdara, Vozdovac, Savski Venac, Cukarica, Zemun Polje, New Belgrade, Savski Venac, Stari Grad and Vracar.