Funds from the National Investment Plan (NIP), worth around EUR 12 billion will be also allocated for realization of important projects including Novi Sad – Ruma motorway, known as Fruska Gora Corridor.

The delegation of the Provincial Government, led by Igor Mirovic brought around 40 projects with building permits to the meeting in Belgrade. The projects will be realized in the next five years with the financial support from the Government of Serbia.

Serbian Government, Autonomous Province of Vojvodina and the City of Novi Sad will together invest in the construction of the high-speed road Novi Sad-Ruma. The report concerns Fruska Gora Corridor, an important project which should start by the end of the current year or in Spring 2020 at the latest..

Let us remind, that Serbian government adopted first normative proposition for the realization of the porject. Prior to that, representatives of Serbia and China signed a Protocol on Cooperation between Republic of Serbia and PR of China on construction of Fruska Gora Corridor in Beijing.

The document from Beijing names Chinese company CRBC as the main contractor and sets a deadline of six months for preparing the commercial agreement, make all the necessary preparations for project funding and complete all procedures pertinent to signing the commercial agreement.

Investment value of the Fruska Gora Corridor, per earlier data, amounts to around EUR 400 million. The section to be constructed is extremely burdened by traffic. Around 8,500 vehicles passes over it on the daily, 20 % of which are heavy-duty vehicles.

Fruska Gora Corridor will start from Kacka Intersection on Novi Sad- Zrenjanin route and will connect with the E-75 motorway at the Minut gas station. With the new highway, the corridor will go toward Danube, and over Fruska Gora to Belgrade- Zagreb highway. It will cross into Srem over the new bridge yet to be build and it will then continue from Marija Snezna Church in Petrovaradin (Tekija) to Bukovac below Fruska Gora Mt. through a tunnel 3.470 in length. The tunnel will go towards Vrdnik intersection and continue towards Ruma. Twin-tube tunnel through Fruska Gora will be the key construction facility of the Novi Sad – Ruma route, and with the length of 3.5 km will be the longest tunnel in Serbia.