The Ministry of Mining and Energy has published the tender for the creation of an energy portal.

As specified in the technical specification of the job, the subject of the procurement is the design, development and implementation of the all-encompassing information system for running all procedures in geology and mining, subsidizing citizens in the field of energy efficiency and automating the business processes of all the sectors of the ministry by implementing artificial intelligence.

It is necessary to digitize all the procedures related to the issuing of the permits for the exploration and exploitation of mineral resources, which, as said, will accelerate the processing of the cases and adopting decisions for the purpose of attracting investors.

The system will also entail a graphical display of the awarding of the vouchers for energy efficiency, for a clear and understandable presentation of the process of the awarding of the vouchers, as well as an analysis of the distribution of the measure on the improvement of the energy efficiency.

Also, an AI-based software robot will be introduced, which will pick up and check the received forms etc.

The job is estimated at RSD 280 million (around EUR 2.4 million).