According to the data of the Secretariat of the City Administration of Belgrade, a record number of overnight stays in the accommodation capacities in Belgrade was recorded in the capital of Serbia in 2022, a total of 3,180,977, which is 47% more than in 2021 and 18% more compared to the record-setting year 2019.

The total number of tourists who visited Belgrade in 2022 reached the number from the until then record year 2019 and amounts to 1,179,889, of which nearly a million are foreign guests, more precisely, 982,495, an increase of 86% compared to last year, the Tourism Organization of Belgrade said in a press release.

– This is a historic result of tourism in Belgrade, which has proven that our earlier estimate of the recovery of tourism after the covid epidemic should be the springboard for the promotion and presentation of our city, as confirmed by the absolute record-setting number of overnight stays in 2022 – said Miodrag Popovic, the director of the Tourism Organization of Belgrade.

The most numerous tourists in Belgrade last year came from Russia (87,998), Turkey (76,918), Bosnia and Herzegovina (63,062), Germany (58,654), Croatia (51,914), North Macedonia (42,560), Montenegro (42,390), Slovenia (41,924), Greece (39,390) and India (33,706).

The highest number of overnight stays was realized by guests from Russia (414,406), Turkey (253,956) and Germany (124,773).