“Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. For, indeed, that’s all who ever have.”
Margaret Mead, anthropologist

“Caring about others, running the risk of feeling, and leaving an impact on people, brings happiness.”
Harold Kushner, Rabbi

“One person caring about another represents life’s greatest value.”
Jim Rohn, author

“There are only four kinds of people in the world.
Those who have been caregivers. Those who are currently caregivers.
Those who will be caregivers, and those who will need a caregiver.”
Rosalyn Carter

About us

Poseidon Care helps people live their lives in the surroundings where they are happy and comfortable.

We strive to provide exceptional care to the young, adult and elderly generations.

Our care workers are handpicked qualified nursing professionals, specialists trained in physical and mental disabilities, and provide all aspects of personal care services and home support.

We aim to be first choice care company for both clients and carers.

We offer a wide range of home care and residential services.

Home care

  • live-in care: specialised care service for people who need care and support with day-to-day life, but also want to live as independently as possible
  • daily services – include everything from home help (housekeeping, meal preparation, laundry, shopping and running errands) to companionship (conversations, appointments’ attendance, walks, exercises, hobbies, events)


  • full range of care services to meet staffing requirements of organisations with shortages of workers

Our carers


What makes our carers different from care agencies? We select the very best candidates and our carers are handpicked to match the personalities of each client.


Each one of our carers has a Nursing degree and is able to fulfill all of the client’s care needs. They are able to help vulnerable people manage their daily activities and live as independently as possible. 


Specialist carers are available to provide:

  • Physical Disability Care
  • Mental Disability Care


Each one of our carers has been trained to provide high-quality care. All our carers have received theoretical and practical training and have been awarded a Care Certificate from Skills for Care. The Care Certificate is an agreed set of standards that define the knowledge, skills and behaviours expected of specific job roles in the health and social care sectors. It’s made up of the 15 minimum standards:

1. Understand your role
2. Your personal development
3. Duty of care
4. Equality and diversity
5. Work in a person centred way


6. Communication
7. Privacy and dignity
8. Fluids and nutrition
9. Awareness of mental health, dementia and learning disabilities
10. Safeguarding adults

11. Safeguarding children
12. Basic life support
13. Health and safety
14. Handling information
15. Infection prevention and control

Our specialist carers are provided with a range of training modules to build on their knowledge and experience in Mental Health, Autism Awareness, Leadership, Patient Condition Management and others. All training modules are CPD accredited and tailored to suit the specific needs of our clients.


If you are interested in care for yourself or a loved one, or if you would like to work for us,
please contact us at care@poseidon-gp.com.