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Poseidon Property

A commercial and residential multi-scale pan international developer, investor and manager.

Poseidon Renewables

Poseidon Renewables is a forward-thinking renewable energy company dedicated to harnessing clean energy sources for a sustainable future.

Poseidon Human Capital

Poseidon Human Capital is an international human resource solutions provider with offices worldwide.

Poseidon Care

Poseidon Care helps people live their lives in the surroundings where they are happy and comfortable.

Poseidon Facilities Management

Provides services that deliver a safe and clean environment to maximise the value of your residential and commercial property assets.

WDP Marketing

A marketing communications consultancy with extensive international cross-sector expertise including retail, property, mining, energy, recruitment/training and technology.

Poseidon Group is made up of a collection of companies incorporated and administered according to the rules of the BVI

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