The new measures to stimulate employment, which the government announced on Friday, 12 June, will include subsidies for the employment of a total of 10,000 young people. The implementation of these measures will most likely begin in the autumn, and employers who employ the first 10,000 unemployed youngsters will be entitled to state subsidies.

Specifically, the state has prepared 20,000 dinars per each hired high school graduate, and 24,000 dinars for a university graduate, for a period of nine months.

As part of the “Moja prva plata” (My first salary) programme, the state wants to help young people who have graduated high school or college to find their first job and at the same time, motivate employers to hire them. That is why two billion dinars will be allocated from the state budget for this project.

The state will abolish the payment of salary contributions for the year 2020 if a company employs a person who has never worked before. Next year, the state will forgo 95% of the salary contributions, and, in 2020, 85%.

The state has also reduced salary tax for first-time employees by 70% in the first year, 65% in the second year and 60% in the third year.