Poseidon Group Investor Relations

Poseidon Group is actively exploring co-investment partnerships in its United Kingdom and SE Europe projects with investors worldwide. The current book value of its projects is EUR 1.2 billion in a portfolio comprised of over 60,000 sqm of built retail parks, 36,000 sqm of built food supermarkets, and more than 400 residential apartments and houses in planning and construction. Equity investments in excess of EUR 500 million have been deployed over the past five years in developing more than 280,000 sqm of real estate and purchasing 2.2 million sqm of land.

Poseidon Property is the real estate investment, development and asset management division of the UK-based Group and was established in 2001. The division has grown organically with SE Europe offices established in Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia engaging 50 colleagues across the region including its base in London.

Investment Partnerships

The Group manages eight active real estate investment platforms with partners ranging from pension funds, private equity firms, family offices and high net worth individuals.

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