From January 2020, new insurance bases apply, which are 5.79% higher than in 2019. Citizens can choose one of the 13 insurance bases, regardless of their level of education, the Pension and Disability Insurance Fund of the Republic of Serbia announced.
According to the Law on Contributions for Mandatory Social Insurance, the lowest insurance base is 35% of the average earnings in the past 12 months, which is 25,801 dinars, whereas the highest one amounts to five average salaries, that is, 368,590 dinars.
The contribution for the pension and disability insurance is 25.5%, which means that monthly expenditures will range from 6,579.26 to 93,990.45 dinars.
The base amounts apply throughout 2020 and can be found on the Fund’s website. They are also displayed at the Fund’s branch offices.
The Pension and Disability Insurance Fund reminds the citizens who choose individual contribution payments based on Article 15 of the Law on Pension and Disability Insurance that the maturity date is the 15th of the current month for the past month. The chosen base can change under the condition that a new request is filed. Also, citizens who no longer want to pay contributions individually are obliged to file the relevant request.