About 847,000 guests visited Slovenian health resorts in 2017, 12.8 pct more than the previous year. Foreigners accounted for 51.1 pct, with the share of foreign tourists exceeding the share of domestic ones for the first time. The number of overnight stays grew by 10.6 pct to 3.19 million, while the average occupancy of hotel capacities also increased on an annual basis.

The number of foreign guests rose by 22.9 pct to 432,615 last year, while the number of domestic visitors rose by 3.9 pct to 414,310, according to the Slovenian Natural Spas Association.

Foreign guests made 1.6 million overnight stays last year, 20.2 pct more than in the year before, while the domestic ones made 1.59 million or 2.4 pct more than in 2016.

With 10,375 beds available to guests daily in hotels in health resorts, the average occupancy rate was 64.24 pct, 18.9 pct more than the average occupancy of hotels in Slovenia.

Occupancy at health resorts has steadily increased over the past five years, and, according to estimates of the association, new investments and expansion of accommodation capacities are expected in the next medium-term period.