The recently finished visit of a delegation from China, consisting of around twenty business people from Shenzhen, along with representatives of the sister city of Shuyang, has opened an opportunity for new investments in Cuprija.

– As part of the economic cooperation agreed last year, the idea is for a central industrial zone for the entire Pomoravlje area to be built in Dobricevo – says the head of the local self-government, Ninoslav Eric. – It should boost the development of Cuprija, Paracin and Jagodina.

As we’ve learned, it will be modeled after the industrial zone in Shuyang, whose management supports these ambitious plans. One of the investors will be Eurofiber, which will soon open a second factory in the town on the Morava, with a third production facility planned as well.

– Cuprija features a range of comparative advantages, from low operating production costs, to good and inexpensive labor force. Upon my return to China, I will try to get as many investors interested as possible – promised the deputy director of the Shuyang economic-technological development zone, Wang Shaodong.

Let us remind that the company Feka, which produces yarn, has recently started producing socks as well and that it should bring another investor in several days, which will rent a production facility in Cuprija.