The City of Belgrade has opened a tender for the modernization of the light signalization systems on around 300 intersections on Belgrade’s streets.

– This job, which is worth RSD 2.3 billion, will be carried out over the next three years, and the equipment to be installed is of the latest technology available in this field and will allow for great savings to be made when it comes to electricity, making the system sustainable. These intersections will be controlled by a central system, which will change its mode of operation based on the situation on the streets – said Deputy Mayor Goran Vesic.

He said that that implementation of the system would shorten travel times and reduce traffic jams.

– One of the characteristics of this system of adaptable traffic control is that it gives priority to public transport vehicles. Each tram will be equipped with a Stream On Board Unit (OBU), which uses GPS to detect its position and the mobile network for sending the data to the central system. The data are then sent to traffic light controllers, which give priority to trams by switching on the green light – Vesic explains.

He announced that the tendering procedure would remain open until August 16, 2019.

– The experience of the cities which have implemented these systems show that the expected effects are realized through time savings of 15 to 20% – Vesic said.