The Belgrade Land Development Public Agency has presented, on 42 pages, 20 large projects in the years to come in the capital of Serbia, for which hundreds of millions of euros will be set aside.

The projects include the completion of the Interceptor collector, laying down railway tracks on the Bridge on Ada, the construction of a trolley and bus turn in Dunavska Street, the Terazije Terrace, the bridge at Ada Huja, development of Republic Square, the complete reconstruction of the Old Sava Bridge.

The route connecting old Belgrade to New Belgrade will be one of the largest investments, as the plan is to invest over EUR 60 million in it. If everything goes according to plan, the works should start in mid-2018 and they should be completed by the end of 2019.

Before all that, however, a tender for the architectural competition should be called.

It is immediately noticeable that the reconstruction of Slavija is not among the large projects. The plans only include the construction of the fountain, but not the development of traffic routes. A possible reason for this is that the project is run by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.