The City of Belgrade and the PUE Beogradski metro i voz have opened another two tendering procedures regarding the construction of the Belgrade subway system.

The first one pertains to the preparation of an environmental protection study for the corridor of the two planned subway lines, whereas the second one pertains to the preparation of a geotechnical study.

According to the documentation, Blic writes, it is clear that the first phase of the first line of BG Subway will be built first. It will go from Zeleznik to Karaburma and be 16.7 kilometers long and have 18 stations. It will later be extended to Mirijevo.

– The first phase entails 2.4 kilometers of surface level sections with three stations, 2.8 kilometers of shallow below-surface sections with two stations and 11.5 kilometers of deep underground (tunnel) sections with 13 stations – the documentation says and notes that the geotechnical documentation is to be prepared for the purposes of the preliminary design for the first phase of the first line.

Detailed tests will be carried out in order to determine the characteristics of the terrain and the rocks, as well as the conditions that will be established in the area during the realization of the subway system. The winner of the contract will have to include an analysis of the terrain during the explorations, with the main route and corridor of 100 meters in width, that is, 50 to the left and 50 to the right of the route’s axis.

– The depth of the boreholes needs to be at least 10 meters below the lowest cote of the tunnel structure and at least 15 meters in spots where the stations are planned – the documentation says.

The procuring entities also require for special attention to be paid to the levels of underground waters between the right coasts of the Sava and the Danube and the route of the subway.